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by Duván Web Creativa 23 Sep 2017 0 Comments

Do you have a vacation and have you chosen your destination? Here we leave you 3 Colombian tourist destinations. Live your vacation with Cinnamon Skin Swimwear!

PROVIDENCIA, A COLOMBIAN WONDER! A pruned island The sea of seven how about this nickname? We already get the idea of the beauty of this destination!

The beauty is not only found under the sea, this island is full of natural wonders, both in the water that will show us shows in which the mangroves will sway in the vibrant shades of blue and green of the sea of Providencia Island. and in its lands that are full of white sands and monuments that tell us the stories of its ancient places.
There are many activities available! Do you know what that means? ... A thousand super outfits with Canela Skin Swimsuits!

This structure is the one that connects Providencia Island with Santa Catalina Island. This bridge, apart from having all its romantic position, is taken as an attraction: there are many launches from here! Can you imagine that super feeling? What a thrill!
It is the ideal place to contemplate the sunset. Put on the Swimsuit that goes according to the occasion and go enjoy the sky of orange, red and purple! Here we have some Cinnamon Skin outfits, create your Canela skin outfits for the night

This islet is part of the McBean Lagoon National Natural Park, it has a maximum height of 30 meters above sea level, which offers us one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Colombian Caribbean, in addition, you can surround it diving with fins and a mask, what a thrill ! Can you imagine swimming with colorful fish and among the underwater landscapes? It will surely be an unforgettable experience. Bathing in natural pools, sunbathing on quiet beaches, dancing to the rhythm of reggae and learning about the history of the archipelago are on the list of programs for travelers to the Island and the Islet are some of the best plans.


CARTAGENA, WALLED CITY, PRIDE OF COLOMBIA! Thousands of tourists are attracted to this destination thanks to its history, its colonial, republican and modern architecture, and its great beauty.  

What to do in Cartagena de Indias? This city is full of places that give us many experiences, parks, zoos, squares, museums and beaches; here we leave you some of them so that you can put together your plans:

In addition to the beautiful sea and the varied nature, there are three more reasons to dive in Cartagena: The number of islands, islets and reefs make this an attractive area for diving. Two hours by boat, maximum, separate Cartagena from good places to dive. Varieties of corals such as candelabra, feathers and blacks can be seen.

The Rosario and San Bernardo Islands are super close, islands known for their white sands and mesmerizing waters, an ideal destination for lovers of the beach, sun and relaxation. Canela Skin? Try looking for your perfect tan on these beaches.
Look here Tips for a perfect tan.


SANTA MARTA, LANDSCAPES, BEACH AND SUN! This is the perfect mix between ecosystems desired by tourists, from beautiful beaches to surprising mangroves and jungle landscapes, do you measure yourself to this experience?

It is inside the Tayrona Park, and is one of the visitors' favorite clowns. Like other beaches in this park, this one makes an exceptional contrast between the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea, a phenomenon that will relax you and take you to another world. It has a super white sand and with a surprising texture, it seems to have such small granules that you will even feel soft against your skin, take advantage of this! Use that sand to keep your tan exfoliated and well cared for, and look here Tips for radiant skin.


You can order your Dress or Bath Out from anywhere in the country. Remember that PielCanela makes national shipments without shipping costs. Do you have any questions? Visit us here and find out about our company ♥

Enjoy your whole life! Live moments that will last forever, take advantage of your vacations and have a free time and travel. Visit as many places as you want and be the owner of your experiences. 
Have you already visited these destinations? Do you want to visit them? Tell us about your experiences.

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