Our company

We love what we do and we are working every day to create swimsuits that make you feel beautiful and confident in every day of your vacation.

A trip begins from planning, choosing your perfect swimsuit to when you return and share all your photos, which is the memory that you will enjoy forever, that's why we help you make it memorable!

Every day we look for how to create designs that make you feel more beautiful with fair and very good working conditions for our employees and suppliers, taking care of our impact on the environment.

We currently ship as far as Alaska! Yes, incredibly we have conquered many corners of the world that love our designs and fall in love with the brand.

Vetidos de baño piel canela confeccion trajes de baño
Our history

And that's how a new life began for this systems engineer named Ana. After years working in a job that didn't make her happy, she decided to take a risk and follow her heart. The swimsuit store she had bought years ago became her new passion.

Despite having no design experience, his knowledge of technology allowed him to find new ways to improve his store and offer his customers unique, high-quality products. Soon, her store, "Piel Canela", became a success and her name began to become increasingly known in the world of beach fashion.

During this time, Piel Canela has evolved, working every day on the quality of its products and on a fit that helps women look more beautiful and confident every day of their vacation, bringing out their best version and creating a family identity by offering products that allow them to all have the same print.

At Piel Canela we work mostly with women heads of household, whom we have helped to have fair working conditions and feel happy in what they do. We promote work in harmony, accepting mistakes as opportunities for improvement and seeking to grow each time. day more in all aspects of our lives.

Piel Canela feels essential the value of family as the main pillar, the energy of gratitude as the most powerful and personal growth essential to evolve and build a better world, we seek to reach customers not only with a product, but with a message of empowerment, of improving self-concept, empowering them and of awareness not to place our internal value on others.

Colombian Television

We were on the RCN television channel in the RCN Breakfast program.

Our shorts have been used twice on Desafio Caracol Televisión.

Fashion Colombia

We have a stand at Colombiamoda 2019 and 2022

Throughout this process Inexmoda accompanied us a lot, telling us how to put together a collection, how to understand the trends and how to prepare ourselves to show the world the great power that Colombia has in clothing, making us value our work and giving us the tools to build a company that generates employment and of well-being for its employees.

Our team

Our main team is made up of:

Yensy, there is not a moment that she does not remind us all of the quality of Piel Canela products, how well we are doing and the ability to conquer the world. With Yensy on board, we all stay connected, safe and calm on the business path.

Then, with very selfless help, Juan David joined us and with a giant heart that always seeks to help, he gave us certain guidelines that allowed us to establish objectives to organize the financial part.

Alexandra also joined, although she is small in stature, she is very good at organizing. She is extremely committed to the brand and always keeps everything in order. Her attention to detail and ability to keep things organized are valuable to Piel Canela's success.

There is also Vanesa, who contributes her design talent to the brand with her creativity.

We additionally have 25 seamstresses, mostly women heads of household, who are in charge of making perfect stitches so that the swimsuits can conquer the world, a courier who helps us make our logistics very good and a designer who supports us in create wonderful designs.

At Piel Canela all collections are thought of together, all decisions are discussed and all opinions are valued, this allows us to create attractive and fashion-forward designs that attract customers and make them feel good about themselves. This allows Piel Canela to always be at the forefront of trends and style.

Learning and our premises

Gratitude for everything that life brings us, transparency in our actions, perseverance, positivism, love for what we do and hard work.