Wholesale Bathing Suits (swimwear) and Bathing Suits

Piel Canela has the possibility for you to purchase swimsuits and bathrobes wholesale and retail, in Colombia and abroad, the minimum order to have wholesale prices is 12 units, these units can be assorted among all our designs.

We make national and international shipments, we allow changes if they are made within a month or if this time passes, we analyze each case, this applies only to products from our collection, not private label.

We make your collection of swimsuits and we do white label.

Our products have a quality guarantee.

The customs costs in the cases in which they apply must be assumed by the client, it is important to validate the customs rules of each country, write to us and we will tell you how to handle it, we are not responsible for the customs policies of each country.
Payment can be made by Bancolombia, Effecty, Davivienda in Colombia, Davivienda abroad or Paypal.

For more information write us by whatsapp to
+57 3165303347 Cinnamon Skin Swimwear

Sizes - Bra size 32, recommended pant size 6-8
Size M - Bra size 34 , recommended for pants size 8-10
Size L - Bra size 36 , recommended for pants size 10 -12
Shipping is free on purchases of 12 units or more to any destination in Colombia. Piel Canela makes national and international shipments.

We do our best to send in one or two days, but this is subject to our demand and if it must be brought from different warehouses, our promise is 4-5 business days for delivery to the shipping company, it arrives a day in major cities Next.

If you are very urgent, please indicate it and we will validate if it is possible or if you are flexible with the references that are not in the main cellar.

Our availability is constantly changing, it is possible that a reference is sold out from one day to the next, we only book once payment is received.