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Trends in Swimwear 2018


There are swimsuits that cannot be missed on our next vacation, we show you some of the current trends that cannot be missed on your next vacation:


1. The points 

A trend from the 80's that has come back to stay, without a doubt a romantic and different look.


Vestido de baño talle alto


2. Vivid and striking tones

They will make us stand out, in addition to being the swimsuits to reflect the joy of the holidays!

Vestido de baño tonos fuertes


3. High rise

This swimsuit is ideal if you prefer not to show your abdomen, in addition to stylizing your figure and you will be with the latest trends! it's a must have!


. Vestido de baño talle alto

 4. The boleros!

Styles come in all their shapes and colors! Simply beautiful! 


5. Printed and in full color!

The different patterns, full of color, that make us feel happy and different.

Vestido de baño strapless colorido

6. Monochromatic

One-color swimsuits whole, but not boring, different and beautiful!


Vestido de baño entero negro

7. Lace up details

Cross bow detail adds spice to your look, super sexy and elegant at the same time!

8. Metallized

Going to the beach will always be an opportunity to shine with your swimsuit!


9. Combine trends!

A swimsuit with dots, boleros and a high waist will be a very good combination.


Vestido de baño talle alto


10. Swimsuits with different cuts

An opportunity to be risky and different in your bathing suit.


Whatever your decision, choose what makes you happiest!


Based on 

Magazine Fuchsia and Vogue

 Cinnamon Skin Designs Swimwear.

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