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Iguazu Falls - Brazil - Argentina

by ana taborda 12 Nov 2018 1 comment

Brazil a place that is really worth visiting and that without a doubt you will take a great experience.

Did you know that it is so big that all the countries of Europe can fit in it? It is so big that you can visit many different places and in general it is better to fly from one place to another, since the distances are very great.

Of course, do not forget your bathing suit as it has beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and stunning landscapes.

My chosen destinations were Rio de Janeiro and Iguazú, a very good choice, whenever I travel I prefer to enjoy each place well and not spend too much time in airports and travel, obviously it is something of taste.

Iguazú is undoubtedly a destination that you cannot miss, it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world and well the images speak for themselves, you can visit them from the Side of Brazil and from Argentina.

Since we arrived at the airport we got a taxi that transported us all the time and it was a very good option since the tours take a long time to pick up and drop off passengers.

To visit the falls from Brazil it will take you half a day, you can arrive by tour (in my hotel it cost 30 dollars per person) or in a taxi that will charge you more or less 70 dollars round trip (agree a discounted price because by meter will be much more) and it will be a good option not to be subject to tours, it is a beautiful view and from Brazil there is a very large and very beautiful panoramic view, you can take a boat ride, however, as the infrastructure is built, you will arrive very close to the falls without having to be in a boat, it is a fun experience if you have a good budget, but not very essential.

The food that I found in both parks seemed very regular, it is a good idea to bring Sandwich or the snack of your choice, bring a good raincoat or you can buy a simple one at the entrance, also always take change clothes, since you always go to finish very wet even if you have a raincoat.

The dam of Itaipu It can be a good option if you have a lot of time in Foz do Iguaçu, it costs less than 20 dollars the entrance. Although really the most relevant thing is to go from the Brazilian side and from Argentina to the falls. 

From the Argentine side it is a tour that you cannot miss, it is much more impressive and it is a whole day tour, on very busy days there can be a lot of lines at immigration so it is recommended to get up early, also try to do both visits in days other than the weekend, as they are very crowded.

In Argentina there are three roads, the Devil's Throat, the upper 2.5 km road and the lower 1.7 km road, it is worth doing all three and it is a walk that will take you almost the whole day. They are beautiful hikes with the falls next to it and the trails are super close to the falls.


After leaving the park we went to a park where you can see the three borders Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, the park is simple but very cool that you can see the three countries, then we went to eat a delicious Churrasco from the Argentine side! Definitely a very good plan!



 - Do not change your dollars at the airport, near the hotel you will surely find where to do it and check that they are giving you a good rate.

- Be sure to try the feijoada, acaí, Pão de queijo (pandebonos for us), churrasco and of course the caipirinhas.

- From Colombia you can find flights from 800,000 to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, for or You must be aware of promotions and choose times when possible that are not high season, generally the flight costs 1,800,000 from Colombia approximately, but in promotion you can get less than half and after Rio we take a flight to Foz de Iguazu for approximately 100 dollars for

   - It has a converter because it works like Europe 

                                    Conversor Brasil


Do you have any doubt? Do not hesitate to comment I help you or if you consider that we should add something additional tell us!

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