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A new year is coming, 2018 will be just as you dream of it and you have to know how!

by ana taborda 29 Dec 2017 37 Comments

Every December 31 we celebrate a series of events that have already happened, good or bad. All 31 of you receive with joy and sometimes nostalgia, a new year that will always involve 365 opportunities and here we want to tell you how to transcend everything that has already happened in 2017 and achieve a 2018 in opening, to achieve all the good that you deserve.


In this new post we want to tell you a series of rituals for the new year, they are basic and powerful.


For any of the rituals that you select, you can do them all, you must perceive life with gratitude and merit, be aware that everything extraordinary in life is also for you and that you are worthy of access to it.

It does not matter if it is material or not, you have and will have unlimited access.


Ritual of fire, words and gratitude



  • Paper sheet.
  • Pen or Pencil.
  • Matches, candle or lighter.
  • Glass jar (optional).


Take a sheet of paper and write there everything that happened in 2017, positive or negative; then put the leaf in a glass jar and put matches to burn it, you can also do it with a candle (preferably new). While doing the burn, repeat the following mantra 3 times or more: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you I love you I love you”. You do not say it to anything or anyone in particular, only to the energy that is present there, to the thoughts that cross your mind, to the emotions that you notice.



Ritual of abundance



  • Grains and seeds.
  • Ticket of any denomination.



On December 31, have in your place of celebration, all kinds of grains and seeds but always be aware of the purpose of abundance that this will imply, also take a bill and decree that you will never lack money in 2018, always keep it in your wallet in a pocket where you don't normally keep money, if you have to spend it for any reason, you replace it as soon as possible.



Cleansing ritual


On January 1, consume a lot of healthy, unprocessed, chemical-free food and, if possible, no animal products: meat, dairy, eggs, etc.

You can also do a cleansing with detox juices or with water, bicarbonate and lemon; all for the purpose of alkalizing the body.

Throughout January 1, do between 3 and 6 meditations throughout the day, at least 5 minutes each, during these periods of time you will close your eyes and observe your thoughts, you can do it with meditation and relaxation music.

At the beginning of the day and at the end of it, take a bath with a new soap, of your favorite brand or fragrance and always aware that you are leaving behind all traces of physical, material, mental, emotional and spiritual dirt.


Ritual of merit



  • Paper sheet
  • Pen or pencil

From gratitude and the awareness of worthiness, make a wish list of everything you want to achieve emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and materially in 2018. Keep this list always at hand so that you can review it throughout the year; In 2019, see what you achieved and what not and what were the possible causes for it.


The purpose of these rituals is to provide you with tools so that everything you dream of materializes from being, intention and merit.

Happy New Year, we wish you love, peace of mind and faith in yourself. In 2018 we will come with much more content like this.



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10 Jan 2018 Jenifer Morales

Mi ritual es tener plata en los bolsillos, y tener lentejas en mi puño de mi mano, para que en todo el año, no nos falte la comida.

02 Jan 2018 vanessa arango

La verdad no tengo ritual alguno. Simplemente realizo una oración en familia y me encomiendo a Dios.

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