Rio de Janeiro

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After this we flew to Rio de Janeiro, a city that undoubtedly has it all!

In Rio de Janeiro my favorite plan was to ride a bike, there is a route along the beautiful beach and you can reach almost any point in the city by bicycle, there is a bicycle service called itau that costs only 3 dollars a month and you can reserve it From your phone, download the Bike Itau app.

In Rio it is also worth doing the free walking tour, it is very good because the people who do it really put passion into it and the contribution is voluntary, they take you to the main buildings and tell you the history in a very fun way, additionally it is a very Good idea to meet other people like you who are tourism in the city.

It is also good to visit the beaches of Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana, Christ the Redeemer (check the weather before going), Sugar Loaf (you can walk up and it is a very nice climb, check the weather before going), Santa Teresa neighborhood, the Selarón stairs, the favellas, there are tours that include several of these sites and that can be a good option since bread sugar costs approximately 30 dollars, Christ the Redeemer another 15 and if we add the trips it can be convenient tours for 70 dollars that include other points, although I went up to the sugar loaf walking, then you can take the cable car from the top for 15 dollars, but because of how cloudy it was I didn't do it and I loved that walk, very nice and a climb that changes high at 200 meters.

Additional tips

- Validate several options before deciding where to have lunch, there are places that have exaggerated prices and others that offer the same at reasonable prices, we found very good steakhouses for less than 10 dollars per person, you can also find an executive menu as well as an open buffet and buffet by weight.

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