Your curves rule! Take advantage of your body

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The time comes, you go on a trip to a dream place, one of those where you imagine yourself more beautiful than ever, having a cold coconut on the beach and without worries on your mind but let's face it, buy the swimsuit that flatters our figure is not easy at all, the good news is that today you can find many types of swimsuits that will not only make you look good but will also make you feel very confident about yourself.

Before starting, keep in mind that fabrics can help you hide, accentuate or give volume to your body, for example: bright colors can accentuate some characteristics of your body such as highlighting your waist or skin color, if you have medium skin. a little pale, using dark tones such as black, purple and blue are a good option for you and if, for example, you want to add volume to an area of ​​your body, choosing an outfit with a bolero will help you.

Now, read these tips

First: define the type of body you have:

Second: feel sexy

Third: learn how to make the most of it!


For this body type I recommend getting a tankini to keep everything in place or you can wear a bikini that is cut to the waist at the bottom, this will help give your body a little more shape. This is a very retro style but it will make you feel very sexy!


For you, we recommend wearing shorts that go higher than your waist. In addition to being sexy, many times you want to cover a little more in the back. These shorts will give your body more shape and with a top in a striking color will help balance it. Additionally to this, a textured onesie cannot be missing from your closet. Don't be afraid to play with textures and materials!


For the top part, I recommend using the heart-shaped neckline since it provides great support so that nothing gets out of control. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can also choose to use paghetti straps (tank tops) and use different colors . little more daring along with prints.

You are a lucky one! All cuts suit you, especially those that highlight your curves, so don't hesitate to wear a jumpsuit.


Your muscles and back are a little wider than normal, but that's okay! Like the flat body, the secret is to use details that make your body look more feminine. I recommend giving volume on top with cuts and textures. For the bottom part you can choose a Brazilian cut, you will see that your toned body will be the envy of many.


Your body has shoulders and hips aligned so you should wear triangular tops and for the bottom it is advisable to wear adjustable briefs or ones that tie at the sides. However, you are lucky because you can wear an entire suit with slits, it will give you the sensation of curves. Also, if you don't want to show a lot of skin, you can choose to choose a swimsuit with details at the waist.


Take advantage of your body! We are beautiful no matter the shape, feel sexy and confident with these tips that will really help you understand your body better. What is your shape?

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