From the sun and the beach to the Ideal tan! Skin with WOW effect!

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You have taken care of those extra pounds to show off the perfect swimsuit, more than wearing a bikini is looking good and feeling fabulous, but the plan does not end there; When you get to the beach you are more than ready to get the “Canelita Hollywood” tan that we always long for.

The style suits you and when choosing the swimsuit you already have a whole range of possibilities that will help you choose the best one for you. It is time to give way to new garments, new shapes and styles that are imposed and cause us to wear a new and out of the ordinary outfit every time. For this season we find costumes beyond the traditional bikini, without dethroning it from its kingdom since it is the fundamental garment of the vacation.

To show off that great swimsuit, how about a tan to admire? …or better yet, a perfect tan? Being tanned makes you look prettier, strengthens bones, thanks to vitamin E that activates the sun's rays and mainly helps prevent some diseases. On this occasion we provide some tips to achieve the tan you want.

  1. Prepare for sunbathing: two weeks before going on vacation, apply pre-tanner to activate melanin, avoid burns and redness on your skin.
  2. Feed your skin: 3 or 4 weeks before your trip, prepare a diet rich in foods rich in carotene such as carrots, tomatoes, beets; alpha-carotenes such as corn, broccoli, kiwi, which help improve skin pigmentation and prevent the sun's rays from damaging the skin; Add foods rich in vitamin E and B, such as fish and legumes, to avoid dehydration and peeling of the skin. These foods, in addition to helping you achieve a beautiful color, will prolong the tan.
  3. Exfoliation: removing dead skin cells is very important to prepare it, so that your tan lasts a little longer. A good option is to apply it with a warm, damp cloth, rubbing it all over the body in small circles.
  4. Use sunscreen: to prevent the presence of spots and achieve a more uniform tan, it is ideal that you take your time and choose the right one for your skin. Ah! And avoid tanning oils without sun protection as these cause premature aging.
  5. Hydrate and nourish your skin: the technique of drinking two liters of water a day always works, and even more so this season, eat hydrating foods (fruits, vegetables); Use moisturizing cream or gels that contain cocoa butter or aloe vera, since these have calming, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects, it is essential to apply them after sunbathing.

 In addition to the previous care, we recommend that when tanning you do it gradually, that is, expose yourself little by little. You can start with 5-minute sessions that may later be longer. Remember to change your position from time to time to avoid sunstroke in a specific area.


Piel Canela is a tanner that allows you to obtain an excellent color without damaging your skin. The combination of its natural ingredients with mineral vitamins and cocoa extract prevent dryness and maintain moisture during sun exposure. For a golden finish that is soft to the touch😱😍
The best! Contains sunscreen (spf 5)☀ to help you avoid the shrimp effect.
And don't worry, it's for all skin types!

How to use ☀ apply sunscreen all over your body for 20 minutes exposing yourself to the sun and after 20 minutes you apply the Piel Canela By Naty Franco tanner. I recommend not tanning at times when the sun is very strong, such as midday.


For daily use, it prepares your skin for an excellent tan, and when you are tanned it makes it last much longer.
Our body moisturizer contains argan, it deeply softens your skin due to its high content of fatty acids and vitamin E☝
Thanks to the combination of its components, including a multivitamin and aloe vera, they nourish your skin, making it look much healthier, helping your tan last longer, giving you an excellent vanilla aroma.
It does not cause any type of irritation.
It is easily absorbed.

How to use Apply the Body Moisturizer with Argan after bathing 💦 and let it be completely absorbed, use it daily for a more optimal result. Hopefully you apply it with slightly wet skin.

We hope you get that PielCanela that we like so much, the one that makes us feel unique and desired, the one with which we all say wow!

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January 2, 2018 at 10:00am

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