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SMOOTHIES: Enjoy its different flavors taking care of yourself

by Duván Web Creativa 11 Sep 2017 23 Comments

If you are not very fond of vegetables and it is difficult for you to include them in your diet, today we bring you some very healthy smoothies to take advantage of all the nutritional benefits that fruits and vegetables bring. The high fiber content in this type of shake helps prevent constipation, reduce cholesterol, and also, to give the feeling of fullness for longer, this will help eliminate anxiety.

If you are an athlete, smoothies provide great energy to the body, decrease recovery time and reduce pain since they contain many vitamins and minerals that reduce inflammation of the muscles, in short, if you are not a green lover, these smoothies they are perfect for you.

There are a large number of recipes, easy and simple, special for each of the needs or goals that you propose in your diet. Here are some smoothie recipes for you to include in your day to day and enjoy all the nutritional benefits, I assure you that you will not regret it: 

What do you think? Venture out to prepare these delicious smoothies and enjoy a variety of vitamins and minerals that not only help keep your body in balance but also help you feel great about yourself.

Tell us about your experience in a comment.

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