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Essential care for your Cinnamon Skin swimsuits


After the beach or the pool, we must take into account some aspects to prevent our swimsuit from fading, becoming “motley” or losing details of its rhinestones. Next, I will leave you some tricks so that your summer clothes remain intact for a loooong time. Are you ready? Safe? Ok, let's see what it's about

1. Beware of chlorine
If you have access to handling the water in the pool or jacuzzi, check its chlorine content frequently and make sure it is the minimum amount possible, for health reasons and because the excess of this component can spoil the lycra of the bathing suit, its color and its way.

2. Stay away from rough surfaces
Rubbing or sitting on rough tiles or edges increases the chances of tearing the smooth and fine texture of the swimsuit.

3. Be careful with the application of bronzers and oils!
Pool and beach cosmetics must be used with great care, taking into account not to stain your bathing suit. If this happens, be sure to rinse and wash the swimsuit immediately.

4. Cold water after use
This little trick helps to remove excess chlorine, sand, cosmetics, oils, etc. It is a must-do routine before washing them. Keep in mind not to let them soak indefinitely. 30 or 40 minutes is more than enough.

5. Long live hand washing and natural drying
Yes, I already know that washers and dryers are a super help and an impressive unpacking, but no, when it comes to delicate clothes, not even the soft wash option works, because swimwear is super delicate garments, with details made by hand. hand that deserve the utmost care, so after soaking, it is best to change the water and apply soap for delicates, wash carefully and hang in the shade until dry.

 6. Plastic bags
Storing them wet in plastic bags will likely mix the colors or damage other items you store there. Instead, wrap each swimsuit in a towel and put it to soak in the shortest amount of time possible. Then once dry, store it in a zip-lock bag to better preserve it in your closet.


Did you like these tips? Let's do it! To take care of your bathing suits for the next trip.

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