What to do in Medellín?

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Medellín, also called the city of eternal spring, is a city where you will fall in love with the city and it will be difficult to return to your city, it is a city with a wonderful climate, never too cold or too hot, it has times when it goes It will rain a lot, but surely this will not be an impediment to enjoying the city, you can have all the climates in one day, the weather forecast can show you highly sunny days with the possibility of thunderstorms, weather forecasts are of little use for Medellín, just come prepared for all climates, but they are not extreme climates.

It is a city where the people are very friendly, you will be surprised by how loved they are, it is economical and you will find a lot to do within Medellín and its surroundings, you can change the temperature in just an hour away from the city.

The most recommended places to stay are the town and Laureles, they are the most touristy areas with easy access to everything.

Our greatest pride is the Medellín metro, we were the first city in the country with a Metro, we love and take great care of it and although it was built in 1995 you will feel that it is new.

Attractions in Medellin:

  1. Tour to commune 13, enjoy a recovered area of ​​the city, full of graffiti, food, music, giant stairs and a different atmosphere, bring a lot of small denomination bills because you are going to tip a lot, don't go on the weekend It can be very crowded.
  2. Relax on the terrace Hotel The Charlee for a stunning night view, then you can walk to 37 park and continue until social of provence, the whole area is full of restaurants and bars, then you walk to the wake hotel and you can end up on the rooftop of the hotel click clak. I recommend this tour at night.
  3. Visit the Botero Museum, the National Palace in the center and you could take a free walking tour or I recommend Juan Diego Ibata 3003047348, a very good guide for the center of Medellín.
  4. Visit the El Tesoro shopping center if you like shopping, it is very beautiful and you can find restaurants, bars and shops.
  5. Visit the El Castillo Museum and enjoy its magnificent surroundings, ideal for a picnic.
  6. Explore the Manila area, you will find many restaurants and cafes.
  7. Discover Amsterdam Plaza, another area with many options to eat and enjoy a good cocktail in Isabel.
  8. A different food court is Mercados del Río.
  9. Pueblito Paisa, a very nice viewpoint of the city and you can find typical food in this place, it is ideal that the taxi leaves you upstairs, you cannot park upstairs and if you must park, be prepared to walk and currently the main viewpoint is closed.
  10. If you want rumba, I recommend sweet Jesús mio for a very typical and lively place, it will be December all year round, you will surely have fun and get ready to dance. Montrebar is a quieter option but very good with live music, in Medellín the rumba places I only recommend you go on Friday or Saturday.
  11. Of course don't forget to visit our cinnamon skin swimsuit store.

Some of my favorite restaurants are:

  1. The matriarch : Typical food.
  2. Creps & waffles Creps, ice cream and natural juices.
  3. grill station  Burgers
  4. J & C Delicias Different arepas
  5. Il Castelo Italiano
  6. Grace to the park (an ideal place to spend the afternoon on a day with good weather because it is outdoors).
  7. Brutal Meat
  8. Avignon district.
  9. Le mont, is on the outskirts of Medeelín.
  10. The province, ammaza, the post office.
  11. Elegant ritual and a place with an incredible view.
  12. Carmen , elegant restaurant, reservation required.
  13. Evil eye, elegant restaurant, reservation required.
  14. Cabra Andaluz , elegant restaurant, reservation required.

Activities in Medellín with children:

  1. Visit the Explora Park and the Planetary for an educational and fun experience.
  2. Discover the butterfly garden Botanical Garden , a magical experience surrounded by butterflies.
  3. Have lunch at Insitu inside of the Botanical Garden , a delicious option that requires reservation.
  4. You can go to the treasure, brinquitos, fraternal white house in San Lucas and the Rigo farm are other very good options for children.

Recommendations in Guatapé:

Medellin tourist site recommendations

  1. Climb the Piedra de Guatapé to enjoy an impressive panoramic view.
  2. Tour the colorful town of Guatapé and admire the famous zócalos.
  3. Rent a boat and take a tour of the dam, enjoying the natural beauty.
  4. Enjoy dinner at El Charlee with a nighttime bonfire in front of the dam, an unforgettable experience.
  5. If you have more days, take advantage of water sports such as water skiing, paddleboarding or jet ski.
  6. Go during the week, weekends are too crowded.

    Arví Park and Cable Car:

    Enjoy a day in Arví Park, I recommend going up by car if you have it available and taking the cable car without getting off to enjoy an impressive view and save time, that is, you take it in Arvy Park and make the return return to the park Arvy, you can take advantage and have a picnic in Confama Park, the restaurants in the area are not very good, I recommend bringing food for a picnic.

    Large flat

    1. Try Rancherito chicharrón and enjoy desserts in San Antonio de Pereira.
    2. Eat a delicious arepa de chocolo in the corner of the Park (left of the church if you look at it from the front).
    3. Ride an ATV and have lunch in places like Mundos or La Herencia.
    4. Visit the Comfama park in Rionegro and discover the typical Colombian town, Tutucán, within it (weekends can be very crowded).

    Santa Fe of Antioquia

    A beautiful colonial town, I recommend going to a hotel on a sunny day or staying one night, you won't want to walk during the day, the heat is too much, you can enjoy the pool during the day and at night go to dinner at the comedy , visit the western bridge and tour the 8 churches in the town.

    I like hotels Marshal Robledo , ideally during the week because the weekend can be very crowded.


    If you like extreme sports, you can find paragliding in many areas such as San Felix and Don Matías, you can go to Rio Claro to go rafting (this is more than three hours away) or you can ride an ATV in Llanogrande.

    We have a lot of gastronomic variety and you will be delighted with all the options we have, I recommend rappi an application that you can download on your cell phone and you can order everything from a swimsuit to food, hygiene implements and of course food, these are some recommendations that you could try while you are in Medellín and that you can visit them or order them by rappi :

    Pandebonos del Tejadito, cakes are all delicious

    Cocorollo chicken pie, this one is very far away, I recommend you order it at home

    You must try arepa de chocolo, tray paisa, buñuelos, empanadas, blood sausage.

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