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If you are short and you are dying to find the perfect bikini for your body, here we give you some tricks or basic rules for these holidays. We recommend that you first think about what you want to highlight or hide from your body, depending on your objective is how you will achieve the effect you want.

Now let's get to work!  

The perfect panty

Your panty should be exactly at the waist, not too high or too low, as this makes our legs look shorter and gives the effect that we are much shorter than we really are. Panties that are designed above the waist are not very flattering either, we recommend using a low-rise panty, it will come in handy for your body, look:


 The ideal bra

To choose it we have to take into account if we have little or a lot of bust. The halter neckline It holds the voluminous bust very well, but for those who have little bust, the bras with straples or triangular design are very good, these will help your chest to stand out. Avoid bikini top bras, they will make you appear shorter.



Patterned or solid color?

For your body we recommend using plain colors, you must bear in mind that it is not advisable to wear the bra and panties of different colors since they break with uniformity. If you want to wear prints, those that have small details like flowers or dots are good for you. If you are too thin and want to add volume to your body, you can wear a fringed or over-sewn swimsuit.
In case the solid color seems a bit boring you can also play with fabrics and textures.


These are just some tricks that we give you to get the swimsuit according to your height, the important thing is that you feel safe and beautiful with what you are going to wear on these unforgettable vacations

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