How to wear the swimsuit at an event at night?

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Around this time, many people choose to welcome the new year on the beach or at a pool party. For this reason, sometimes we panic and we don't know what swimsuit to wear or how to dress, don't worry! I prepared this special post thinking of all those like you who are a little confused with the summer look of kings, because let's be realistic, the idea is to impress and look divine, so pay close attention, because I am super sure that with these little tips, you will be spectacular

What colors should you wear at night?
Solid colors will always be more elegant. Black, of course, is a great option, but since these days there will always be events that are as happy as they are sophisticated, gold, black or white will make you look great and why not yellow? These colors in a bikini or trikini will make you look spectacular.

What accessories should be used?
Accessories are super important and key to the look, so you must be very careful when choosing them. Remember to only wear those that make you feel comfortable, safe and of course that reflect your personality and style.

If the swimsuit does not have rhinestones, it is, for example, strapless and the party is quite elegant, you can choose some long earrings (but not too long), accompanied by a wide bracelet in colors, gold or silver depending on the garment you are wearing.

To match, you can wear a long, flowing swimsuit with a matching print and high-heeled beach sandals in the color of the earrings.

The woven tops, the transparencies will give you a bohemian touch that when paired with a piece of foot jewelry (anklet type) are also an excellent option with which I am sure you will attract everyone's attention. Yes indeed! Avoid using accessories that may make you uncomfortable.

What to do with makeup and hair?

Wear discreet makeup, remember that you are in an outdoor environment and the more makeup you wear, the more overwhelmed you will be with the sand that you will surely have to constantly remove from your face. Earth colors with a slight touch of brightness are the ideal option to highlight the best in you.

Regarding your hair, use styling cream and wear it down naturally or with a loose updo that makes you look fresh. Of course, don't under any circumstances use hairspray or headdresses that begin to melt in the heat or that could be ruined by water, you never know what time you might want to take a dip!

Remember to choose swimsuits according to your body type.

Now, we leave you more looks with which you can be inspired and now enjoy 2017!

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